Skincare with Desiree' Swehla

Oxygenating C Facial              $85.00

This is one of my favorite facials for any time of year using oxygen and vitamin C to reduce pigmentation, detox tissue, and brighten skin tone. 

Apple Wine Peel/Facial           $90.00

A corrective anti-aging treatment with no down time to brighten skin tone.

Antiox Ex-fusion Facial          $85.00

A soothing facial with antioxidants and peptides to moisturize, nourish, and protects with also exfoliating for a polish and glow.

Skin Fitness Treatment          $85.00

Collagen boosting, muscle stimulating, firming anti-aging treatment with the use of peptides, vitamins, amino acids, and herbs.

 Fruitzyme Skin Rejuvenator  $85.00

With the use of fruit enzymes to exfoliate this facial will leave you will a rosy glow and looking years younger.

​Maximum Moisture Facial      $85.00

Living up to its title this facial is packed with moisture and benefits of pure milk protein, essential oils, and wine extracts.  Great for a refresher and buoyant, youthful appearance.

Compromised Barrier Repair $85.00

A facial specifically for restoring and strengthening barrier function while reducing inflammation and irritation.

​Detox Facial                            $85.00

​Blended herbs of oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, and H202 for powerful exfoliation followed with a clay mask aids in healing blemishes and congested skin. (includes extractions)

Acne Remedies $90.00

A clinical approach to acne skin incorporating powerful enzymes, exfoliators, and botanical extracts to kick-start wound healing and reduce the risk of acne scarring.  (extractions included)

Naturally Soothing Facial        $85.00​     

A soothing therapeutic facial with calming benefits for those struggling with rosacea prone skin. 

30 Minute Skin Boost             $55.00

Quick 30 minutes skin workout with antioxidant support, collagen boost, and healing effects.

123 Refreshed                         $50.00

Deep polish with hydration in 30 minutes!

Mommy To-Be Facial              $85.00 

A pampering facial for moms to-be using safe natural skin care products to help combat any issues that may arise due to hormone changes.  Restoring that mommy to be glow!

Chemo Facial Nourishing Support                               $80.00

A gentle, soothing facial for all skin undergoing chemotherapy. 

Deluxe Eye Treatment          $20.00

A key step in reducing puffiness is the combination of diuretic ingredients and lymphatic massage.

Add on Extractions               $15.00

Add on extractions to any facial (with the exception of the facials that already have it included).
Add on Galvanic Current     $20.00
Skincare with Stefanie Milks
Firming Peptide Facial     $85.00
Created with the latest technology in peptides and antioxidants, this facial is designed for dermal rejuvenation and age management.
Alpha/Beta Peel  $75.00
A gentle peel containing Lactic and Salycilic acid, combats fine lines and stimulates hydration. Very minimal downtime, mild flaking for 1-2 days.
Mandeliclear Peel    $95.00
This peel is designed for clients experiencing pigment issues related to acne, melasma and photo damage. Down time is 5-7 days of mild to mederate peeling.
SWiCH Rejuvenation Facial  $110.00  (90 minutes)

Performed every 4 weeks in a series of generally 6 treatments. This treatment stimulates the skin natural energy production which initiates cell turnover and stem cell activity in the basal layer. This treatment is recommended for clients over 40.

Circadia Oxygen Treatment    $95.00
This treatment is great for congested skin need extractions or break-out prone skin. It is also safe for sensitive skin types such as rosacea, reduces redness, and bacterial content, and the appearance of visible capillaries.
Hydrating Facial            $80.00
 For all skin types particularly dehydrated and compromised skin. The benefits of a Marshmallow Extracts improves the health and barrier of the skin.

 60 Minute Facial     $80.00

 Not sure what your skin needs? Let the professional decide. 60 minutes of relaxation including hand massage, and foot or scalp massage along with a facial treatment tailored to your skin type.

Derma Frost Peel       $85.00
A Salicylic acid peel with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which aid in the management of acne and fine lines.  The result will be mild to moderate peeling for 5-7 days.  *Includes a complimentary home care kit.
90 Minute            $100.00
Trouble relaxing? Perfect for those who just need a little extra time. The products are always customized for your skin type and extra time is spent focused completely on relaxation.

30 Minute Express       $50.00
A quick pick me up facial designed specifically for your skin type.

Add on Galvanic Current     $20.00