With Desiree' Swehla 

How it works
For those who are seeking a healthy glow and year-round tan, but want to avoid skin cancer risks, an airbrush tan is the answer. Airbrush tans provide the same even, glowing tone that people seek through other routes, but it is a completely safe alternative.​​

Of course we want a beautiful, tanned body, and the airbrush tan route will not only keep you looking good, but will help keep you healthy. Our airbrush tan will give you that sexy, radiant look you want, as well as peace of mind to go with it.

Lavish Tan specializes in providing a 99-percent-organic airbrush tan option that is comprised of a brown-sugar application. The brown sugar in the ingredients gradually oxidizes in the five hours following the spray-on application, leaving behind a beautiful golden-brown tan.

There are other airbrush options, but the formula that Lavish Tan uses has made it a longer-lasting product, that is also customizable. The solution is absorbed into the skin’s pores, giving off a deep tanned color that lasts for 7-10 days following each application.

Single Tan

Partial Tan


Allow a minimum of 5-hours before showering
Fragrance Free
Paraben Free
Ecocert Organic
Patent Pending Lavish Tan Signature Formula

Lower Body (Waist Down) $35.00
Upper Body (Face Included) $35.00
Touch Up Tan $35.00 (Return bi-weekly)